A Security-as-a-Service Platform
November 5, 2019
San Jose, CA

Micron is pleased to invite you to our Security Workshop, November 5th, 2019 in San Jose, California. Our engineers are busy preparing content to help you understand next-generation memory requirements. Please fill out the form to sign up for this event:
Session 1

Ari Singer, CEO of Trustiphi, “The Authenta Opportunity”

  • A brief reflection on the history of TPMs, merged with the rapid changes from the connected IoT markets


Eric Siverston, CEO of Quantum Trace, “Attaining A Trusted Supply Chain”

  • A supply chain expert’s view on the challenges of system manufacturing in today’s disparate ecosystem


Daniel Lee, COO of Security Platform Inc., “Securing an IP Camera for Surveillance-as-a-Service”

  • A simple software mitigation to establish hardware-based protection of a surveillance system


Cesare Garlati, CEO and Founder of Hex Five Security, Inc., “Software-Defined Hardware Isolation”

  • A new firmware solution to establish hardware-based isolation (TEE) that can be retrofitted into existing hardware and software—any RISC-V, ARM M3/M4/M7

Session 2

These presentations will be followed by a hands-on lab. Participants will receive a BeagleBone® Authenta development system and will work hand-in-hand with our experts to integrate our Authenta NOR device in a Linux environment and invoke several first-line key management and protection features. They will also take home a collateral package that should enable them to use our devices in their next engineering development.  Attendees of the lab and recipients of the BeagleBone kits will require an NDA with Micron. 

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Ray Kurzwell
Inventor, author and AI futurist

Sanjay Mehrotra
Micron President and CEO

David Kirkpatrick
Technology editor and Techonomy founder

2-Speaker Row
Inventor, author and AI futurist

2-Speaker Row
Micron President and CEO

1-Speaker Row
Technology editor and Techonomy founder

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